Sr No. Flow Rate(LPH) Model Number
1 2.0-3.5 CESPL-HDC-01
2 3.5-7.5 CESPL-HDC-02
3 7.5-12.0 CESPL-HDC-03
4 11.0-17.0 CESPL-HDC-04
5 18.0-34.0 CESPL-HDC-05
6 35.0-52.0 CESPL-HDC-06
7 52.0-82.0 CESPL-HDC-07
8 98.0-160.0 CESPL-HDC-08
9 140.0-230.0 CESPL-HDC-09
10 230.0-360.0 CESPL-HDC-10
  • Overview
  • Standard Features
  • Application


  • Works efficiently as individual or as part of a complete system
  • Uniquely designed conical shape creates maximum centrifugal force to separate particles heavier than water
  • With MS as material of construction, internally coated with standard food grade epoxy paint and externally coated with standard epoxy paint to avoid corrosion.
  • Variants of end connections: Flanged or Threaded
  • Supported by Crienviro 24x7 hour customer service
  • Backed by warranty along with AMC

Standard Features

  • Efficiently removes fine sand and silt particles
  • Can be equipped with dirt collection chamber.
  • Available in maximum operating pressure of 10 kg/cm² 
  • Recommended to install media/screen filters at upstream to remove particles heavier than water to obtain higher efficiency
  • Customized to supply in stainless steel
  • Can be supplied in higher flow capacities in multiple batteries option.
  • Easy to operate and maintain with no moving parts or screens.
  • Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic mode of operation.


  • Drinking water clarification
  • Industrial effluent treatment
  • Industrial Applications
  • Back wash water treatment