Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant

“ Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant "

Industrial effluent is the waste water generated by an industrial activity. The effluent needs treatment before its discharge. The treatment of effluent varies depending upon the nature of pollutants present in the effluent. Due to the increased industrialization the load of pollutants is increasing day by day and becoming very important to treat the effluent.It is used for removing the pollutants from the industrial waste water and making it free from all types of impurities. We Crienviro have been involved in giving the complete solution for industrial effluent treatment.

The treatment levels and mechanism of Effluent Treatment Plant Includes;

  • Treatment Level
    • Preliminary
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Tertiary (or advanced)
  • Mechanisms
    • Physical
    • Chemical
    • Biological
  • Effluent treatment plants are widely used in treatment effluent from industries like,
    • Sugar Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • Dairy Industry
    • Paper & Pulp
    • Food Industry etc