Sewage / Water Treatment Plant

“ Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant "

Sewage water is a waste water generated by an human activities, which includes human waste, waste water from Kitchen, Hospitals, Hostels, Restaurants etc. Due to the increased urbanization and population the load of organic pollutants is increasing day by day and becoming very important to treat the sewage water before discharging into the environment. Crienviro involved in manufacturing best quality wastewater treatment to help in treating and recycling of commercial waste waters. It is very vital to recycle the waste water to maintain the ecology. Wastewater treatment plants designed by us are made with operational ease and low manufacturing cost to make it affordable for common people. These plants are manually operated custom-built system can be provided with automation as per the requirements.

Our sewage treatment plant is used for making sewage free from pollutants and harmful bacteria to make it fit for safe disposal, horticulture and flushing systems. Extensively used in industries and various other segments for distilling water and make it safe for consumption and use.

We Crienviro are involved in supplying the number of technologies for sewage water treatment mainly.

  • Conventional Sewage Water Treatment Plant
  • Sequential Batch Reactor( SBR)
  • Moving Bed Biological Reactor/ Fluidized Bed Reactor(MBBR/FAB)
  • Membrane Bioreactor
  • Mobile STP etc