Plant Automation

“ Plant Automation "

Crienviro is committed to provide all water treatment solutions under one roof, with our expertise in design and manufacture of customized water treatment equipments which after integration ensure desired results. There has always been customer demand for flexible automated and zero maintenance plants. This demand has always been satisfied by our expert automation and integration team. We have access and implementation expertise on latest technologies which involves SCADA, GSM based communication and controls, with state of art reporting system, data collection, storage and authorized data retrieval systems. We work with cloud computing technology providing automated mobile and computer email alerts with reports on Creintors own mobile and computer applications (apps). Where there are issues with GSM based communication network, we provide dedicated RF transmitter and receiver system that work for 2.45 Ghz. and 5 Ghz. international free band frequencies. Our automation architecture has inbuilt redundancy and supports all mode of operations from fully automation, semi automation to fully manual systems with most simplified controls. These features ensure no plant operation interruption and thus supply of treated water. Automation includes

  • Online Plant Operation Monitoring System
    • GSM Based
    • Alerts to Mobile and PC by messages and Emails
    • Logging of key plant operation data
    • Inbuilt battery back up
  • Online Water Quality Monitoring System
    • pH
    • Turbidity
    • Hardness
    • Chlorides