Zero Liquid Discharge

Sr No. Item Description
1 Screening and Mixing System
2 Chemical Dosing System
3 Sedimentaion System
4 Filtration System
5 Disinfection System
6 Solid Liquid Separation System
7 Sludge Handling System
8 Automation
  • Overview
  • Standard Features
  • Application


  • Treatment and recovery of valuable products from waste streams.
  • Efficient management for the production of treated water.
  • Help plants meet stringent discharge regulations by recycling untreated waters back into their processes.
  • Control over the consumption of raw water from natural resources.
  • Increased productivity, high long term stability and reliability.
  • Improved and/or consistent product quality.
  • Greater environmental compliance and values.
  • Supported by Crienviro 24x7 hour customer service.

Standard Features

  • Counteract on variations in waste contamination and flow.
  • Reduces the consumption of chemical.
  • Reuse and recycling of waste water.
  • Recover around 95% of your liquid waste for reuse.
  • Produces a dry, solid cake for easy disposal.
  • Reduce energy costs and minimizes the life cycle cost.
  • Optimize cost of engineering and implementation.
  • Helps to achieve the statutory and regulatory compliance by PCB.


  • Drinking water clarification.
  • Effluent Treatment.
  • Sewage water treatment.
  • Industrial applications.