Surface / Drinking Water Treatment Plant

“ Surface / Drinking Water Treatment Plant "

Surface water is the most important freshwater resource. Social, economic and political development has, in the past, been largely related to the availability and distribution of fresh waters. Surface water is mainly contaminated by physical and biological impurities consist of TSS, turbidity, bacteria, virus, algae etc. which need to taken out before supplying for drinking purpose and other applications.

Surface water treatment is the process of removing impurities from water which includes physio-chemical treatment with the combination of conventional and advance treatment process like screening, mixing, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection of filter water to produce an environmentally safe and pure water suitable for drinking and multiple uses in domestic, institution and industrial application.

We Crienviro have been involved in giving the complete treatment solutions for surface water treatment;provide turnkey solutions from concept to design, supply, install, commissioned and operation & maintenance of complete plant.

  • River Water treatment
  • Lake Water treatment etc