Chemical Dosing System

Sr No. Flow Rate(LPH) Model Nnumber
1 5000-50000 CESPL-CDS-01
2 50001-100000 CESPL-CDS-01
3 100001-150000 CESPL-CDS-02
4 151001-200000 CESPL-CDS-02
5 200001-250000 CESPL-CDS-03
6 250001-300000 CESPL-CDS-03
7 300001-350000 CESPL-CDS-04
8 350001-400000 CESPL-CDS-04
  • Overview
  • Standard Features
  • Application


  • Works efficiently as individual or as part of a complete system
  • Materials of construction holding wide range- FRP, Polymer and SS of various grades
  • Ease of Control: Independent or part of a central control system
  • Simple design allows the smooth operation, maintenance, and easy calibration
  • Automation facility minimizes the risk and site disruption, and improve health & safety considerations, leading to long term cost optimization.
  • Storage, transfer and metered dosing systems for various applications
  • Compact system mounted on skid
  • Supported by Crienviro 24x7 hour customer service

Standard Features

  • Flexible Design with provision of mixing
  • Equipped with dosing pumps for desired dosage of chemicals such as Alum, PAC, acids, and Sodium hypochlorite etc
  • Corrosion resistant material of construction
  • Less footprint and easy to install with long service life
  • Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic mode of operation.


  • Drinking water treatment
  • Industrial effluent treatment
  • Sewage water treatment
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment